In Gratitude, and on becoming the Best Possible Version of Yourself

In Gratitude Even taking into consideration the rest and recuperation period after returning from Japan, the processing of the learning experiences, the time enjoyed with friends and family over the Christmas holidays, as well as the time spent reviewing my Budo goals and career direction for the coming year/s, I have to admit I have […]

Puzzles and Principles

I was recently told, by someone I respect very much, that I don’t see. This was in the context of looking at a kata and understanding what’s going on, being able to learn without being told (repeatedly) what I’m (not/) doing. I responded by agreeing Yes; I do recognise this as being a particular problem […]

Not the End

I have been quiet for a while, initially because I was processing the intensive learning I participated in during Aoki Sensei’s visit, then finishing off my assignments for the ILM Leadership and Team Skills qualification I’ve been studying for. Then, just over a week ago a close friend of mine lost a young family member […]

Aoki Sensei’s Seminar at Tetsushinkan June 2015

In terms of initial reflections, I feel incredibly privileged; Aoki Sensei travelled from The Shiseikan, Tokyo and spent just over a week with us, having visited also our ISBA colleagues in Darmstadt, Germany and Chatillon, France. He shared the fruits of his own personal effort and research, a system for understanding the kata born out […]